A New Year. A New Beginning


For the past 8 months, shrouded in a veil of unmentioned exploration and self divulging, we have been working on something big. What began as a minor tweak in our old branding, quickly snowballed in a massive company-wide overhaul and redesign; nothing was untouched and everything was on the table for debate. A simple packaging revisit became a logo tweak, which then turned into a potential for an entire repackaging project, that would require a more suitable logo build - which, of course, lead to an identity rebrand that, in turn, resulted in a redefinition of our core values and mission, that brought us to face to face with the simple and difficult question: who are we? Followed by the even more tricky: why are we?

Armed with the weight of self discovery, we began chiseling away at the shapeless mountain trying to make sense of the thing. It can be overwhelming just starting out and aiming to find your purpose, but the feelings only intensify when you've been established inside the market and seeking a change. Fortunately, we had a grasp of the who and why but, like our identity, it needed a restructuring. So for the majority of last year, we did just that.

We spent countless hours trying to define our role in our community. Old Town has a very unique history and the ties with our Portland surroundings run deep. We knew early on that the component tying in these historic values wasn't clear enough within our branding. This was going to be a driving force for a lot of the changes. Our gauge of aesthetic was simply, "Does the look fit the feeling of our establishment?" and "Does it carry that look and feeling to the outside market?". For anyone who has visited our locations, particularly the brewery, you'll understand pretty quickly what we're referring to.  

So here we are, at the start of change. And as we previously disclaimed, and to our best efforts otherwise, things are still going to be changing around here. We have some amazing things we are working on including, new beer bottle releases, community brew seasonal releases, a new barrel program, and so much more. Welcome to the Brewed Life.