Designing Our New Labels


A rebrand can be an extremely daunting and, oftentimes, overwhelming task. We spent the better part of a year digging into our identity and company as a whole, looking for ways to tell our story better.. It was tough, the hours were cruel, and the weight of the thing was intimidating as hell. But we made it through to the other side. We learned a lot about ourselves and this little brewpub we run. 

When it came to our old brand and our labels, in particular, we knew that there were areas of improvement that could be met. The market changed, demands changed, and we felt our story wasn't being told the way we wanted it to. So we created a list of "Areas of Improvements" and began to shape guidelines to define where we wanted the look and feel of the new labels to go.

Looking through the sea of beer labels throughout the market and on the shelves, we noticed that the trends of design were beginning to influence the identity of beer. We began to notice a few of the same patterns beginning to emerge and the biggest challenge for us was: how to stand out in a crowded room? Our solution was simple: ignore what is going to look trendy this year and create something that reflects us directly. Something that will last. We wanted a design that looked like it fit perfectly within our historic/reclaimed brewpubs. But it took some real trial and error getting to that point.

We went through literally thousands of variations, changes, and hours before shaping something that really resonated with our brand. And beyond the visual representations, the major shift for us was creating a design system - a template to use that all labels will use. Why is this beneficial? Well there are a number of reasons:

  1. It dramatically increases shelf presence. Your eye will be drawn into the blulk of labels that create a fixation/pattern and work in uniform, helping our labels stand out as well as our brand. 
  2. It reduces the time it takes to design a label which, in turn, saves money that we can then put back into more packed offerings overall including small batch/specialty brews. Before, having designed a unique label for every beer label, it took us months to finalze a single beer. Now we can finish that same label in an afternoon. 
  3. Consistency is king. 

Overall, the feedback and support from all of you have been incredible. We couldn't be happier with the result of the last 10 months and we can't wait to show you where else that work takes us. Our hats are off and out glasses are raised - thanks for tagging along with us! - Team Old Town